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    What is it?

    All Temp Tactical Lube is a revolutionary blend of petroleum and synthetics containing three antifriction materials. Two of the three materials are designed to bond with the metal on a molecular level. In doing so, All Temp Tactical Lube fills the pores of the metal giving a unique “frictionless feeling”. Also, it gives you a few other useful benefits. Because it seals on the molecular level, All Temp Tactical Lube is water, dust, and carbon resistant. Because it fills the pores, there is no place for water, dust, or carbon molecules to adhere to the firearm.

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    I have a composite weapon…will it work on that?

    Absolutely, there is no reason for it not to; All Temp Tactical Lube is engineered to work with any firearm. Although it was designed to primarily work with all metal firearms, field testing with high end composite firearms from many top name manufactures have been extremely positive with little to no noticeable difference from a full metal firearm.

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    I only have one gun; why should I buy it?

    The reason is simple; buying All Temp Tactical Lube is a sound decision no matter how many firearms you own. Not only is it a huge friction reducing agent, it is also a preservative. As stated above, All Temp Tactical Lube is a micro lubricant. It will help to prolong the overall life of your firearm by conditioning and protecting the metal.

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    Where can I get it locally?

    At this time it is only available online from our website. We are currently working with many vendors in many different states to bring All Temp Tactical Lube to every shooter.

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    Can you tell me about your lube?

    Sure! All Temp Tactical Lube is the superior lubricant engineered from the ground up by shooters for shooters. Originally it was designed only for LEO and Military applications and was not slated for public release. However in late 2008 this decision was reversed giving everyone the opportunity to use All Temp Tactical Lube.

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    How long does it last?

    The answer to this question depends on a few things. First, how often do you get out and shoot? If it is frequently, (twice a month or more) application of All Temp Tactical Lube should occur every time you clean your firearm. If it is less often, then you may choose to skip applications every few cleanings.

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    What does it do?

    All Temp Tactical Lube greatly reduces friction, carbon build up, rust damage, and dust caking. As well as elongating the life of your firearm.

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    How does this reduce my cleaning time?

    Simple. All Temp Tactical Lube is designed to fill the open pores of the metal or composite of your firearm with our patented combination of antifriction materials. In doing so, it provides a unique conditioning effect; greatly reducing the ability of carbon, water, or dust molecules to adhere to your firearm. Less carbon scoring means less brushing and picking, this in turn means less cleaning.

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    Will your lube even my trigger pull if I have a trigger job done?

    It depends entirely on the quality of work done on your trigger. However in most cases shooters who have had their trigger reworked have still noticed an improvement after the application of All Temp Tactical Lube.

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    Will it work on my air-soft gun or paint marker?

    As far as we know…sure. We here at EMBY do not shoot anything with less power than 22 caliber. But we do get asked this question a lot. So in the interest of testing we will be performing in-depth testing with recreational and less lethal equipment. As soon as these tests are completed we will be posting our findings on the website.

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    Is it safe in the barrel?

    Yes. Although All Temp Tactical Lube is not marketed or manufactured to be a bore lube, it does function in this capacity. Choosing to apply the lubricant to the barrel is solely at the shooters discretion.

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    What makes it so special?

    What makes All Temp Tactical Lube so special is its revolutionary mixture of the components. The harmonious blending of synthetics and petroleum in the proper portions make it the first true leap forward in the evolution of firearm care.

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    I live outside of the USA; can I get some lube for my firearm?

    The short answer is no. Because of All Temp Tactical Lube’s superb advantages, we have no intention of marketing it outside of the United States. We are currently taking steps to restrict All Temp Tactical Lube’s export to prevent foreign powers from obtaining any advantage above our Military and LEO’s.

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    Where is it manufactured and produced?

    The exact location of manufacture of All Temp Tactical Lube is restricted information. However, is no part of the little blue bottle made outside of the USA? Every bit of All Temp Tactical Lube is an American product, all the way from the labels to the lube itself. Why outsource when we can do it in the United States?

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    How many times do I have to use your lube before I feel a difference in the action of my firearm?

    You will notice a difference on you first application. The primary goal of our lubricant is to greatly reduce the friction of all moving parts.

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    All moving parts?

    Yes, everything that moves, has metal on metal contact, or is a heavy carbon building point.

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    How does it elongate the life of my firearm?

    Simple really, less wear and tear. Less friction means less grinding, less grinding means less surface decay, less surface decay means your guns literally takes longer to degrade. So there you have it…an elongated life.

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    I am currently a Law Enforcement Officer or Military personnel, can I get a discount?

    Chances are if you meet us at one of the many gun shows around the country and can provide proof of occupation we will give you a six month supply for free. However on the website, we do not currently have any discounts for military or LEO’s. We are working feverishly to amend this.

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    I am interested in becoming a wholesale distributer for your product. How do I go about doing this?

    Give us a call at 1-800-429-1856.